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Tying the Knot June 15, 2009

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The traditional bow tie will always be around, but with a modern bride comes a modern groom.  There are different ways that you can go about tying a dess tie from Windsor to Prince Albert.  Brooks Brothers has a great selections of ties, much like your bridal attendants buying their dress this is a great way for the groomsmen to have a piece of the day to keep too.  They also offer a guide on different ways to tie a tie.


If this is still a bit to traditional for you.  Opt out the tie with an open button for a less formal wedding, possibly a beach ceremony.  Taking this opportunity to add pattern color and personality to the groom and his groomsmen on this day will make a huge impact.  You just may want to keep your groom away from the “bootlace” cowboy tie.


Black Tie Redux May 28, 2009

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For a modern take on men formal wear, have your groom skip the bow-tie and rental tuxedo, and opt instead for a classic, single-breasted black suit and tie.  Finish off with a crisp white dress shirt.  cap-toe leather oxfords, suspenders, smoky onyx cuff links and a pocket square.

groomVoila, the perfect wedding attire.  And with a few adjustments (nix the pocket square and cuff links) presto, his is outfit is transformed into one that he can wear to parties – even at other weddings any time of the day.