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Sticky Situation July 16, 2009

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ladyFashion isn’t your mothers strong suit.  You’re worried she’ll show up at your wedding wearing something tacky or inappropriate.

Seek the help of a third party.  Ask her to join you for an afternoon of shopping, and use a personal shopper or sales associate to take the pressure of.  She will be more likely to accept fashion advice from a professional.  If she still ends up picking something completely hideous, keep your disappointment to yourself.  In the end, a happy mother, wearing what makes her feel comfortable, is much more important than a great picture opportunity.


Sticky Situation June 5, 2009

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ladyNeed to check in with guests who have not RSVP’d to your wedding yet.

There’s really no choice but to directly ask the invitees via telephone, e-mail or in person if they are planning to attend – however, you can always solicit the help of your attendants to do the dirty work.  To ease the awkward nature if these conversations, phrase your inquiry like this “Aunt Jenny, its Sara.  I hope you have received our wedding invitation.  We need to give our final numbers tot he caterer this week, and I haven’t received your response card, so I am calling to ask if you and Uncle John are attending the wedding.  We hope you will be able to join us.”  Do not point fingers are lay blame regarding their forgetfulness.  After all, invitations and response cards are occasionally lost in the mail.


Sticky Situation June 2, 2009

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ladyNot everyone in your wedding party can afford your big destination wedding.

You should spell out what all upcoming expenses will be with your potential bridesmaids as early as possible.  It’s really nice to if you sit each possible bridesmaid down – maybe with a cup of coffee – and go over all expenses they would be responsible for.  Traditionally, the bride and groom pay for the weddings party’s accommodations at a destination wedding, while the bridesmaids take care of their own dresses and traveling costs.  If the price tag prohibits a very close friend from being a bridesmaid, you can always say “I’d love to cover your expenses and make this a gift to you for being my bridesmaid.


Sticky Situation May 28, 2009

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ladyYou don’t like your fiance’s old college drinking buddy and are worried the he’ll ask him to be his best man.

In this case, the decision is not yours to make.  Best friends are almost like family.  How would you feel if your fiance didn’t want your best friend to be your main of honor?  For the sake of your marriage, try to learn how to appreciate his closest pal.  After all this person has probably been a part of your grooms life for a long time – and likely is going to continue to be.  If you still want to persuade your groom not to ask him to be part of the wedding party, discuss other ways of including his friend, such as asking him to do a reading – of your choice of course – at the ceremony.


Sticky Situation May 25, 2009

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There are already three Bridal showers being held in your honor.  Now someone else wants to throw you another one.
ladyYou may decline the offer if the same guests who will be invited to this shower will already be going to one of your others.  In fact, if that is the case you should decline.  You can not have multiple showers with the same guests, it causes a burden on your guests.  However you can invite your family and close friends to multiple showers, but they need not bring gifts to each one.  To bow out gracefully, invite your would be hostess to another shower, keeping in mind that shower guests should always be invited to the wedding or offer to take her out to lunch so you can chat and catch up.


Sticky Situation May 21, 2009

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ladyIn lieu of six toasters, you’d prefer money for a down payment on a home.

You should never ask for money.  Your mothers and your maid of honor may, if asked for gift ideas, let guests know your planning to buy a home and you would love something that would prepare you for your future home.  But whether people choose to give you a check or a porcelain figurine is completely up to them.


Sticky Situation May 20, 2009

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ladyYou have a few relatives who rather enjoy misbehaving.

Well, it wouldn’t be a wedding without at least one loose cannon – the uncle who drinks too much, the overemotional mother, the cousin who needs to be the center of attention.  You can’t control other peoples behavior, but if you’re worried, enlist a trusted friend to keep an eye on the trouble maker and nip any developing scenes with a well timed “Would you like to dance?” Then, focus instead on celebrating your new union.