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Tying the Knot June 15, 2009

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The traditional bow tie will always be around, but with a modern bride comes a modern groom.  There are different ways that you can go about tying a dess tie from Windsor to Prince Albert.  Brooks Brothers has a great selections of ties, much like your bridal attendants buying their dress this is a great way for the groomsmen to have a piece of the day to keep too.  They also offer a guide on different ways to tie a tie.


If this is still a bit to traditional for you.  Opt out the tie with an open button for a less formal wedding, possibly a beach ceremony.  Taking this opportunity to add pattern color and personality to the groom and his groomsmen on this day will make a huge impact.  You just may want to keep your groom away from the “bootlace” cowboy tie.


Secret Appreciation June 5, 2009

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So the day has come and you are walking down the aisle.  There are so many things going through your head from your shoes, to you hair, to whether your ring bearer will swallow the ring.  Your guests know you have a lot going on and it may be hard to show your appreciation to everyone in person.  A great idea is to leave a note under each guests charger.


As your guests finish their last bite and the dinner plate is removed, also request – once all plates are removed – to remove the chargers as well.  Your guests will see the note left for them and feel as though you thought of them even on your hectic day.


Clean Slate June 2, 2009

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One of the last things you may think about right after your wedding is caring for your gown.  Thankfully eco-friendly dry cleaner Slate NYC has made this easier for brides everywhere by offering the first world wide dress-cleaning and preservation service with online pricing and real-time tracking.


Input your location, dress designer, retail value and description at, and the calculator gives you an instant quote, including shipping.  Place the order and you will receive a prepaid, insured garment box to ship your gown in.  It’ll come back to ready to be stored in two weeks, during which you can track its minute by minute progress online.


A Sprouting Idea May 29, 2009

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Vintage seed packets either found at antique shops, the internet, or gift shoppes.   These can help influence the theme of the reception.  Use printed with beautiful renderings of fruits and vegetables in place of your table numbers.   The packets inspire the emphasis on autumn colors, locally grown produce, and farm fresh dishes.

carrotFor your escort card area, try a wooden crate filled with soil.  Use the vintage packets to identify each table and then stake the individual names in front of the packet, as if it were the actual vegetable.  For an added touch use vegetable shaped card stock escort cards which correspond to the vegetable on the packet.  This may be more difficult for large weddings, as numbers are easier to identify – but this also settles seating problems that may ‘sprout up’.


Hands Down May 28, 2009

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Polish off your bridesmaids’ wedding day appearance with a one-of-a-kind nail tint that’s custom-blended to match your palette.  Use fabric swatch of their dress es to guide you towards the perfect shade, or have your salon mix up a polish that is close to your favorite color.  Hands down, it’s the easiest way to get the very look you’ve been searching for.


Custom Blend Nail Enamel, Giella, $25 each,


Everythings just ‘Beachy’. May 21, 2009

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With the summer upon us we find brides with summer dates love to be near the ocean and on the sand.  A New England wedding beachside has a lot to offer – the nautical, the tranquil, and the romantic feeling.  Before you start planning your dream beach wedding there are few things you should consider.


FEET – Some beachy couples are providing a “shoe valet” where guests can trade out their Ferragamo pumps for casual flip-flops – which you can have personalized with the couples name and wedding date.  Another nice touch is to have a de-sanding station – soft bristle paint brushes are a nice way to remove thee sand between your toes.


EYES – Although, your beach site faces east the sun at sundown is not an issue, however the sun is the sun and you want your guests to have a way to block the sun from their eyes – sunglasses, visors, or parasols.

WEATHER – Remind your guests to bring something to cover the chill of the New England ocean breeze.  A great idea is to have a pashiminas, sweaters or even a stack of bankets packed into a basket at the begining of the aisle for your guests to grab as they sit.  Alternativly, if you are getting middled in August mid-day, you may want to provide lemonade or a refreshing botttle of water personalized with the bride and grooms name.


DRESS CODE – A beach wedding doesn’t really say ballgown and chapel length train.  Whether you opt for a tropical island sheath or a demure slip-dress, take advantage of the heaps of stylish fashions available to set a coastal mood.  Light fabrics, such as sheer silks and chiffons, have a nice fluid movement to them, yet still look dressy.  You may want to inform your guests on the invitation by wording your attair as “beachside formal”.

HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN – We know: in your dream wedding it never rains…except when it’s reality and it does.  Sometimes its the wind that makes things unbearable.  It’s best to always have a foul-weather option – a tent or indoor shelter – if only for your peace of mind.


Always remember that this is your special day and if you have always dreamed of that beach wedding you may have to compromise on your fairy princess wedding dress and realize that it is the beach, it is the summer, and the weather is unpredictable. – Just remember to keep your cool because everything will be just ‘beachy’.


Sweet Romance May 20, 2009

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Want to add a little something extra with your cake?  Try serving your sugar cubes on a single rose petal on the sides of your coffee.  You can also have rose petals coated in sugar and place on the saucer as well – your guests simply float the petal in their cup for added sweetness.  Its a good way to show your sweet and romantic sides – sugar covered rose petals – nothing more sweet and romantic than that!

sweet romance