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Your Matrimonial Muse June 15, 2009

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From the Editors Desk

From the Editors Desk

Every bride-to-be should have your very own look book of great ideas to spring from, a collection of inspiration then can be in nearlly any form – magazine pages, post cards, color chips, photographs, pressed flowers, fabric samples.  Designers use inspiration boards to conceptualize new lines and products, and brides can do the same thing by gathering visuals they love.  When getting started the bride will need to get a jumpping off point, whether grandmas china or a painting from a new art gallery, whatever it may be make it something that means something to you.  This is a fool proof way to insure that your day expresses who you are.  Always having to find the newest trends I look all over for what can be an inspiration to a bride.  Although the traditional “brides book” is great for tracking your likes and dislikes technology is at our finger tips.  I suggest making a folder on your desktop and moving digital photos to build your dream wedding.  Even with these enhancments in tracking dont forget your textures, you need to sample fabrics and finshes – if only the computer could do it all?


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