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Secrets to a Flawless Face June 15, 2009

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Every bride wants to showcase her beauty on her big day.  While makeup can conceal minor imperfections, nothing beats healthy, clear skin.  Let’s face it – no one has a perfect skin.

cover girl # 16Do no harm .  When it comes to your skin, remember not to harm it.  Usually you won’t be able to feel or see it, but accumulations of low levels of trauma may add up to skin damage and aging later on.  Here is a list if things you can do to protect the largest organ of your body.

  • Protect yourself against ultraviolet radiation by wearing sun protection.
  • Avoid harsh detergents that may be harmful to the skin instead use nonionic detergents.
  • Keep your hot showers and baths short if your tap water has high dosage if chlorine.
  • Avoid skin irritants which may directly damage the skin or trigger an inflammatory or allergic reaction (fro example, overuse of makeup or long-lasting makeup tend to contain harsher chemicals and require stronger solvents for removal.
  • Treat inflammations but not to a point where the treatment causes more damage than disease.
  • Minimize puffiness.
  • Be aware of certain facial expressions, which when repeated enough, may cause motion wrinkles.
  • Be aware of overusing skincare products.
  • Stay away from excessive cleaning and exfoliation.

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