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Midnight Snacks June 4, 2009

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Your wedding celebration will continue on for some time after the last dinner dishes have been cleared.  So consider offering your guests a late-night treat that will be surely satisfying and light enough to keep the party rolling.

If you want to continue the dessert portion of the evening you may want to have some fruit tarts.  They are bite size and easy to eat, no mess.


Sometimes pairing something to drink with a passing dessert is always a nice one stop re-charge.  Try a hot chocolate chip cookie and a shot of cold milk.

CookiesMilkIf the dessert is over and you don’t have much of a sweet tooth crowd, think about a mini-ender.  Think of your child hood maybe a grill cheese sandwich and tomato soup.  By using a Chinese soup spoon to hold the soup you are continuing the quick and easy slow of your midnight snacks.

tom soup

No matter how you serve it or whether it is the sugar to keep you going through the night or some comfort food to finish the night, always make sure you keep your guests fed.  Much like your new husband – a way to a guests heart is through there stomach.


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