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Eye Spy June 3, 2009

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Want to leave the black rivers on your checks for another day?  Secrets to jaw-dropping peepers.


When emotions are running high use Genie TLC mascara, a waterproof formula that defines and lengthens the lashes.  Then, to mop up tears while staying smudge-free, wrap a small piece of paper towel around your finger and dab – rather than wipe – away the moisture.


Genie TLC mascara, $20;


Fake lashes do not have to come off cartoonish (Betty Boop) or theatrical (Liza Minnelli).  The trick: Rather than attaching a full strip along the entire length of your upper lash line, ask your make-up artist to attach individual ones to the outer edge of your eyes.  Simply pluck them out with the help of an oil-based makeup remover. Try Ardell Lashtite Individual Eyelash Adhesive.

Ardell Lashtite Individual Eyelash Adhesive, $4;

Ardell Lashtite Individual Eyelash Adhesive, $4;


Instead of wearing event-inappropriate smoky eyes, line the inner rims with a water-resistant black eyeliner.  It creates drama without heaviness.


Skip the dye job and fill them in.

STEP 1 – Brush brows up and out with a clean spooley brush.

STEP 2 – With a pointed taupe (for lighter brows) or brown (for darker ones) eyebrow pencil, draw tiny feathery strokes on the skin beneath the hairs.

STEP 3 – For the color to look natural, use an angle-cut brush to go over the brows with eyebrow powder. It blends the powder and takes away the waxy finish of the pencil.

Anastasia Beverly Hills angled-cut small brush, $17;

Anastasia Beverly Hills angled-cut small brush, $17;

You have ripped up unflattering pictures of you in the past and your wedding snaps don’t want to have this final end.  If you are able to afford one, book your makeup artist for the day or at least until after dinner.  This way if you want to add a darker eye it would become much more appropriate after your dinner is complete.


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