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Something Old, Something New… June 1, 2009

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From the Editors Desk

From the Editors Desk

Something old,  something new, something borrowed… we’ve all heard it a million times.  But do we think of something old? Like tradition/ Or meaning?  We live in a modern world filled with iPods, camera phones, DVD’s, electric cars, and computers that basically do everything for us.   With all of this, it is easy to loose sight of the meanings behind old tradition.

Personally, I’ve spent a lot of time running away from tradition, thinking it is dated and stuffy, but maybe just maybe I was overlooking something very special?  I always like to take classic looks in weddings of our grandparents and translate them into today’s modern brides dream wedding.

The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are the source of many wedding traditions we use today.  For instance flowers were always prominent part of the wedding celebration, and it was traditional for wedding ceremonies to take place before noon so bridesmaids, who arose before sunshine, could pick and gather flowers fromt he forest and garden for the wedding.

Some traditions, though, have become passe.  Throwing birdseed or rice at a couple following the ceremony was said to bring fertility but today, we know this can harm birds and animals.  Just by using lavender, which is environmentally safe and aromatic is a great substitute for the long standing rice tradition.

Can you imagine your bridesmaids walking through the forest collecting flora and sticks in the wee-hours of the morning in today’s world? Perhaps that is one tradition grateful to be left behind.

Old customs are beautiful, warm, and unforgettable, and selecting traditions and meanings that are significant to you is the ultimate key.  Consider the personal importance of each old tradition, dust it off, and adapt it to the twenty first century.  “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Somethign YOU!”


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