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Un’veiling’ May 23, 2009

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So you have found the perfect dress and now you want to finish the look with the right veil.  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a veil.  whether you choose a chapel length veil or a blusher you need to take into consideration all variables.


The birdcage veil is all the trend now!  It works for all types of brides and has the Hollywood glam of yester year. You may have seen this veil in the movies Sweet Home Alabama and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  A birdcage veil has a way of going with every kind of wedding look, from the sinple and elegant to the funky and vintage-inspired.


Different lengths of veil are available, from the longest ‘Cathedral’ style which extends on to the floor like a train, to a ‘Blusher’ which is just long enough to cover the bride’s face. The most commonly worn styles of veil include those at either waist or hip length. Hip length veils (72 inches) tend to suit more formal weddings, whereas elbow length veils (54 inches) are best suited to gowns which don’t have trains.

As well as length, the fullness of a veil can help create the desired appearance. The number of tiers can vary from one to three, often with the third being attached directly to the dress to reduce the ‘drag’ effect on your hair. If your look is more modern elegance than fairytale princess, a narrow veil with one layer to waist length would be more appropriate.

Some people will advise that the color of your veil should match your dress, but the sheerness of the veil fabric means that people will rarely notice if this is not the case. Most veils come in either white or ivory, but you could also opt for a shimmery silver or gold.


Wedding veils have always been the cherry on top of a wedding outfit. These days, the birdcage veil is the ultimate bridal accessory. Birdcage veils are beautiful pieces, which have the ability to turn even the simplest gown into a stunning outfit. So, whether you’re planning to go for a modern look or are trying to put together a classic ensemble, a birdcage veil can complete the look you’re trying to achieve.


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