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Sticky Situation May 20, 2009

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ladyYour parents are paying for the wedding but want a very different event than what you and your fiance envision.

First, express your gratitude and explain your preferences in a non-defensive way.  If you emphasize how pleased you are it will be easier for people to see why you like the things you do.  Then try to compromise.  If you want 40 guests and they want 150, pick a number in between.  If you’re set on a simple wedding and they want something more elaborate, give your parents some free rein over some creative elements, such as invitations.  If the list is loaded with so many of their invitees that there is little room for yours, offer to contribute some of your own money in order to include more of your friends.  If all else fails, though, you will need to let them do it their way, unfortunately – or fit the bill yourself.


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