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Bubble Idenity May 20, 2009

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THE RANGE OF CHAMPAGNES AVAILABLE TODAY IS seemingly endless, so you’ll easily find a style for any type of wedding.  From bone-dry brut zeros and elegant blanc de blancs to fruity roses and vintage prestige cuvees, every choice will send a different message to your guests, and your pick can be the ideal top note of your dream wedding.


Don’t have enough time to sample every bottle of bubbly out there? Here are four types that are bound to impress.


G.H.Mumm-Cramant-lgBest for A black tie affair.

Why This pure Chardonnay – only style that is ultimate in refreshment.  A true sophisticate’s choice.

Top Pick For a real treat, Mumm de Cramant from G.H. Mumm ($60) is fabulous.  Made soley from grapes from the grand cru village of Cramant, it’s among the oldest examples of blanc de blancs and an oft-forgotten classic from a major house.


bollingerBest for Winter weddings.

Why Made exclusively from black skinned grapes, a blanc de noirs is a voluptious wine stye that goes well with wintry dishes, like mushrooms and root vegetables.

Top Pick Bollinger, James Bond preferred house, ages its signature Special Cuvee ($70), a mostly Pinot Noir blend, in casks, and for as twice as long as the norm, which creates a complex wine with layers of roasted nuts.  The star female biodynamic winemaker.


tarlantBest for A seafood-themed beachside wedding.

Why This crisp, dry style, is ideal for a reception with a raw bar.

Top Pick Tarlant is a pro at brut zeros; unlike most champagne houses, it doesn’t add sugar in the final step of winemaking process. Its Brut Zero ($50)  is nutty and has ripe yellow fruits.


taittinger_roseBest for A spring garden celebration.

Why The pinkk-hued wine imparts summery, berry notes that fit in well with the outdoor scenery.

Top Pick The Brut Prestige Rose from Tattinger ($93), bursts with wild strawberries and balanced with beautiful acidity, is good with pairing with hos d’oevres.


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