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‘Bride’, Where’s my car? May 20, 2009

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From the Editors Desk

From the Editors Desk

The other day I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorite movies, Father of the Bride, playing on TV.  I immediately grabbed a bowl of popcorn and jumped on the sofa waiting for that final scene where Steve Martins character ‘George,’ ushers his little girl down the aisle, as well as the tears of laughter for the hilariously flamboyant wedding planner character ‘Franck,’ played by Martin Short.  Toward the end of the movie, my love of the movie started to diminish into disappointment, as I watched the last scene.  I was discouraged that the father of the bride, the man the movie is named for, had missed the reception of his own daughters wedding because the valet was insufficiently staffed.

This reminded me about the more increasing need for valet companies.  Whether you are having the day of your dreams, at home or in the city it is important to make your guests ability to get there as seemless as possible.  The last thing you want is for one of your guests to show up late, get a ticket or better yet get towed – all not exactly the best wedding day favor.

When apporaching the idea of a valet company you should always be asking for references.  I never feel uncomfortable calling former clients of a vendor to ask about someones services.  These are either companies or individuals who have given permission for their information to be given out for this reason.  Also, ask for the valet companies insurance information and check the information with the insurance company directly.  If the insurance is not valid you could be held responsible for any damage done to the vehicles at your event.

If you don’t have the room for the cars or you have a lot of out-of-town guests staying at local hotels you may think about a trolley service.   A trolley is a great way to get your guests around from their hotel, to the church, to the reception, and back to the hotel.  A trolley may get costly based on the distance and time it is needed for, possibly using one trolley that makes more than one trip can cut costs.  I little hint is to ask the front desk at the hotels to put signage up informing your wedding guests of the pick up times.  If you really want to make things easy for your guests set up a ‘wake-up’ call to their rooms about an hour before each pick-up as a helpful reminder and to ensure your guests will be on time.

When it comes down to it, the bride and groom are celerating one of the most important days of their lives, and their transportation should be centered on making the arrivals and departures as streamline as possible.  A brides joy is not just a result of the perfect last tier on the cake, the amazing gown, the opulent centerpieces, but also knowing that everyone that she wants at her wedding is there to celebrate her special day with her – and not down at the impound lot.


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